Presented at the Game Awards 2022, Crash Team Rumble is emerging from the shadows today through a presentation dedicated to the press, during which the release date and a closed beta were notably announced.

Some may have already forgotten, but Crash Bandicoot will return to our consoles this year 2023! Announced at The Game Awards 2022, Crash Team Rumble will actually offer players to compete against each other in a competitive multiplayer experience. License inspired by the Activision universe. And after several weeks of silence, Toys for Bob has finally come out of the shadows to tell us more about their future game.

Crash Team Rumble finds a release date

First information to know and not least, Crash Team Rumble already has a release date: June 20, 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Then two editions will be available: the standard edition, sold for €29.99, and the deluxe edition, sold for €39.99. The latter will notably allow access to the Battle Pass Premium during the first two seasons, a title that has been confirmed by Toys for Bob as a game service.

Like any game of this type, it will therefore work well and truly. a season system, which will allow the studio to regularly introduce new playable characters and other new arenas. At the same time, players will obviously also have the chance to unlock more and more objects and other cosmetics to shine during their game sessions which, remember, will oppose two teams of four players.

And Crash Team Rumble, the objective will be for each of the teams to bring back as many Wumpa fruits as possible to their camp. To do this, you’ll need to scour the map for crates to smash and then bring their contents back to the starting point. Of course, there will also be fights, but their presence will only slow down the opposing team. Ultimately, only the number of Wumpa Fruits returned will determine which side wins the match.

Closed beta announced

Finally, the last good news of this presentation, Toys for Bob has announced that a closed beta will be held from April 20-24.. Registration details have not yet been released. However, keep in mind that if you pre-order the game today you will have guaranteed access to the beta When the time comes. Until then, you can already find the first playable images of the game, shared by the Canadian youtubeur Guy Eh.

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