Dark Souls, one of the best games in history, will have its role-playing game, although we do not know if it will be just as difficult.

Dark Souls, one of the most important franchises in the history of video games continues to expand … outside of digital. Now the title of From Software will have its version of role-playing game.

Not by abandoning its genre that Dark Souls: Roleplaying Game is going to be bad, but the original game set the bar very high and the board game will have very big shoes to fill.

Even this title of Bandai Namco was chosen as the best video game in all history. In any case, there is no need to fear, since the role-playing game is developed by Steamforged Games, specialists in the genre.

The news was released in a publication of Twitter of Steamforged Games, where they presented us the trailer of Dark Souls: Roleplaying Game. In the video we can see a game of dice that slowly burns over a bonfire, inviting us to discover what happens in the land of Lothric.

Regarding the specific details of the game, little and nothing is known but possibly soon we will have more information about its playability and format. On the other hand, at the moment we do not know what date will be its official launch, but it is expected to be in 2022.

This is not the first game that Steamforged produces from Dark Souls, as it features the production of Dark Souls: The Board Game, in addition to a series of expansions.

On the other hand, he also produced the card game of the saga. All this without counting the participation in other franchises such as Resident Evil, Horizom Zero Dawn, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and Ni No Kuni.

At the moment we do not know what the story of this new expansion of the Souls universe will be about, although we can dream that it recreates the events that happened in the game.

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