The highest hierarch of the Catholic Church, the Pope Francis, does not receive any salary for his work. However, the pontiff can dispose of the $10 billion from the Vatican.

Among the tasks of Pope Francis is to manage, make decisions, hold multiple meetings, among others.

Tradition indicates that popes earn three coins per year: one made of gold, one made of silver, and one made of copper. And that, after his death, three bags, containing the coins, are placed in his coffins.

On March 24 of 2021, the decision of Pope Francis to reduce the salary of cardinals to face the economic crisis of the Vatican was made public.

In the letter affirmed by the Pontiff, it was indicated that since last April, the salaries of the senior officials of these organizations will be reduced by 8%. Priests, men and women religious will also see their payroll reduced by 3%. It is estimated that approximately 50% of the Vatican budget goes to cover staff costs.

Call for dialogue in Colombia

This Sunday Pope Francis called a “Serious dialogue” to find a way out of the social crisis that began in Colombia on April 28 and defended “the right to demonstrate peacefully”.

”The situation in Colombia continues to be worrying. On this solemnity of Pentecost, I pray that the beloved Colombian people know how to welcome (the Holy Spirit) so that, through serious dialogue, they find just solutions to the many problems they face, especially the poorest due to the pandemic.” Francis declared during the Sunday Angelus prayer.

“We are together for the situation in Colombia, which continues to be worrying. I urge all people to avoid, for humanitarian reasons, conduct that is harmful to the population in the exercise of the right to peaceful protest.” He said on his Twitter account.

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