The third season of The Cycle: Frontier, Entitled “Breakthrough”, it arrives today on Steam and Epic Games Store. With this final season filled with exciting content and quality of life improvements, The Cycle: Frontier introduces the terrifying flying monster Howler, new anti-cheat measures, new weapon changes, a revamped campaign and tutorial, news and improvements in the Station and the long-awaited farewell to the removal of servers.

Fighting cheaters has been one of the main goals of YAGER since its release, and “Breakthrough” adds new features to solve this problem. The biggest novelty of the team is the new compensation system for victims of cheaters (Victim Compensation System). This system gives players back items that cheaters have taken from them. This is further enhanced by Shielded Matchmaking, which recognizes players with trusted status and works to prevent cheaters from circumventing their bans. This, together with a number of third-party anti-cheat programs used by The Cycle: Frontier, will ensure that games are fair and players have fun in a safer environment.

Following the release of Season 3, YAGER has managed to balance The Cycle: Frontier’s gameplay and economy for the long haul, especially when it comes to Prospectors endgame content. Among the measures is increasing the value of high-level equipment. Campaigns have also been revamped with new endgame missions and these will continue to expand in the future.


Keep your eyes (and ears) open for Season 3’s big danger: The Howler, a gigantic flying enemy that’s dangerous both at close and long range. The Howler assures heavy rewards to those who manage to defeat it, but it won’t be an easy task!

You’ll have a little help surviving this challenge and others with the new MKII weapons. These new versions of existing weapons in the game are generally more powerful and higher quality than their predecessors, with varying power levels, attachments, and more. However, they can only be found on the surface of Fortuna III, either as loot in a stash or snatched from the cold hands of another prospector.

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Season 3 also introduced improvements aimed at new players. The tutorial has been updated to make The Cycle: Frontier more beginner-friendly. Additionally, players will now be able to start with preset loadouts that they will carry over if they survive through Free Loadout Runs.

On the other hand, the Station, the house where players meet when not fighting in Fortuna III, has been redesigned. The station is more lively and populated than ever, with renovated buildings, a darker atmosphere, and more NPCs going about their daily lives.


You can read the full patch notes here and learn all the secrets of The Cycle: Frontier Season 3.

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