CoD Warzone: Find the Secret and Special Loot Easily

CoD Warzone: Find the Secret and Special Loot Easily

It’s now easier to get good equipment in the Warzone Stadium.

Since Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone, you can get the legendary and secret loot of the game much easier. Because the previously closed rooms in the stadium are now open and no longer require an access card.

This is how you find the special loot

There are three places in total that have just been open since the big update. So you just have to march in and you can join in really good equipment stock up. However, that could well mean that you have to fight harder than before for the rooms. You can find the access points at the following locations:

  1. The westernmost corner of the middle floor near the bar or concourse lounge.
  2. The top floor in the southernmost corner.
  3. Again on the top floor, northeast of room number 2.

No more Easter egg: Before the map changes, there were even more corresponding rooms, which also came with a little surprise. However, since these have disappeared, you can currently no longer unlock this Easter Egg.

What else does Season 2 bring?

The changes of Season 2 are quite extensive. Not only are there numerous new weapons, but also a few more operators and game modes.

Currently, however, the players are waiting for a completely new map for Warzone. Most of the battles so far always took place on Verdansk. This was followed by the somewhat smaller map Rebirth Island. The third is said to be located in the Urals. We summarize what we already know about it.

Our editor Philipp Elsner is currently a little more critical of the big changes in Warzone. Although he is happy about new content, he thinks that the shooter is currently still stuck in completely different corners, which the developer should take care of first.

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