We are slowly getting closer to the conclusion of this battle pass, but before that we still have quite a bit of content to explore. This is for example the case of the Vargas operator mission which is unlocked at level 60.

A ton of skins

If you’ve never done one before, the premise of Call of Duty: Warzone skin missions is pretty straightforward. Each time you unlock one in the Battle Pass, there are challenges that will grant you between two and four new skin styles!

  • Do 5 kills while sliding

For this first challenge, you will have to take out the class points and do several kills at the same time as you are sliding. Be careful though, by doing this you easily expose your head to your enemies and it can be dangerous.

  • Get 5 kills with a melee weapon or ballistic knife

You will have understood it, with Vargas’ mission everything is a question of style and there again, it will be necessary to prove it; for that, you will have to approach an enemy slowly and execute it at point blank range using your melee weapon.

  • Kill with 6 weapons, point streaks, combat buffs, or gear in one game

Here, you will have no choice, it will be necessary at all costs to seek the confrontation, but above all it will be necessary to redouble your imagination as to the means that you will use to kill your enemies because it will be necessary to do it in six different ways in the same part.

  • Perform 3 multiple kills with a submachine gun

Finally, for this last challenge of the mission, we come across something more classic, but also easier to do, especially in multiplayer mode. It will be necessary to succeed in making multiple kills using a machine gun and this on three occasions.

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