Last week, Ninantic released update 0.211.1 for the mobile game Pokémon GO. That had made some minor changes and introduced a new loading screen.

It also serves as the initial preparation for the big Pokémon GO Fest, which will take place from July 17th to 18th, 2021.

Despite all these good intentions, the update is currently causing numerous problems and resentment among fans.

As can be read at Reddit, among other things, complaints about technical inadequacies have been increasing since the update was released.

One of the most frequently mentioned points of criticism are sometimes considerable lags, which we can confirm from the PC Games editorial team. In many situations the game comes to a standstill. While navigating through menus this is annoying, but not really tragic.

The situation is worse when catching Pokémon: The use of Curveballs in particular is currently quite difficult, which often leads to unsuccessful attempts – and thus wasted Pokéballs. In addition, the game suddenly switches to sleep mode for some users or causes the smartphone to heat up.

There are also a number of minor errors and shortcomings.

Many fans were so bothered by the problems that they rolled back Pokémon GO to an older version. Niantic has already responded to the complaints of individual users via Twitter.

However, the team has not yet released a fix for the update. Investigations into the errors are still ongoing. Do you also have problems with the current version of the mobile game? Tell us about it in the comments!

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