Finding Easter eggs is fun. Because it’s often funny little things that the developers have built into their work for fun. You can also find one in the Outbreak mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Attention! Here are spoilers!

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, not only zombies cavort, there is also a dragon. On the map of the shooter you will find a strange machine with a display that shows a dragon head.

Activate the machine and off you go. A dragon sticks its head out of the opening of the machine and wants to be fed. Zombies are rushing towards you. If you do this, the dragon will be happy about this meal.

At the end of the event you will even receive a reward. So it’s worth looking for this Easter egg.

Here in a nutshell how you have to proceed to activate the Easter Egg:

  • Starts a game of Outbreak
  • When the game officially starts, your map will open
  • Look for the dragon symbol, which is similar to the Mortal Kombat logo
  • Go there and pay 500 points to start the machine
  • You must now kill zombies as soon as they enter the purple ring that has appeared
  • Do this until the display is filled
  • The dragon will take to the skies and reward you with a rare loot chest

It doesn’t make much sense that a dragon appears in CoD: Cold War Black Ops, but the zombies don’t either. So it’s a fun little Easter egg that even gives you a nice reward. And triggering the machine and feeding the dragon zombies can be fun too.

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