We all love gritty games with lots of realism and things that do what they’re supposed to do, but sometimes you have to get a little silly. Rather than prank you on this April Fool’s Day, we thought we’d give you a roundup of the wackiest and most ridiculous mods you can download for your favorite games.

All ten mods can be downloaded and played through the CurseForge app, so you can be sure they’re as safe as they are stupid. Let’s go further in…

The weirdest mod for minecraft

Of course, you can spend your life mining, felling trees and harvesting the natural resources around you, or you can download The Weirdest Mod for Minecraft. The name is no joke, and there’s plenty to see and do in this weird mod.

To name just a few of its features, you will be able to enter the Bean Dimension, a kingdom made entirely of musical fruits, which can be harvested and of course eaten; face the almighty Nokia Block which kills you instantly if you get too close and encounter a mob modeled around Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who is capable of killing you with a single blow.

This mod not only adds surreal touches to the world, but also introduces some really challenging new enemies. And beans, lots of beans.

Random Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a relaxing game for most of us: a bit of farming after Grandpa (RIP) left us the farm, a bit of socializing, possibly getting married and working your way through your local community . Charming, but not too crazy. Fortunately, Stardew Valley Randomizer does exactly what it says on the tin, varying your gameplay in ways you never thought possible.

While some things might seem reasonable at first, like maybe random seed prices, this mod will soon start spinning things out of control. Get ready for the crazy outings of the grandpa’s bed scene, loud music playing as you walk around, NPCs popping up everywhere, and the threat of rain that doesn’t look like rain…

Santa Claus is coming to Skyrim

It’s become a meme in itself that the Skyrim mod community has some pretty wacky ideas, but for this article, we’ve picked the one you’d least expect to see in April: the Santa Claus mod.

Skip the misspellings and dress up the ultimate Dragonborn in all festive outfits, complete with Santa hat, white beard and colorful Christmas outfit. What you do after this point is up to you, but the possibilities are endless. Channel your inner Christmas spirit and be friends with everyone, or invoke your dark side and bring some violence to your silent nights.

Just William Wallace

If the Christmas spirit is slipping away from you, you can always try being someone less cheerful, like this backup William Wallace, for example.

minecraft head cannon

No, this mod has nothing to do with fan fiction. Instead, what we have here is a literal head cannon. Attach this handy gadget to your character and you can fire TNT in any direction. Just make sure you’ve stocked up on sticks of dynamite before you embark on your destructive rampage.

Let your Sims mess up their shower

We’ve all done it once or twice. You enjoy a hot and refreshing shower, and suddenly the urge to relieve yourself is felt. He could hold out until he comes out, but that seems counterproductive, so he lets the urine run out with the shower water. Now your Sims can join you in this deeply shameful act thanks to Cureforge user Bloodfiremage.

Let your Sims mess up a pizza

Pineapple has no place on pizza. Let your Sims enjoy this heinous crime against Italian food with icemunmun’s Hawaiian Pizza mod for The Sims 4.

Your Friendly Neighbor Barney

Imagine if instead of teaching kids to share, Barney the dinosaur got bitten by a radioactive spider and continued to fight crime on the streets of New York. With this mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered you don’t have to imagine.


True to Spider-Man, this tiffanyedits-friendly mod lets you play as the late father of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee. Lee had famous cameos in every Marvel movie before his passing, and now he can finally have the lead role in Marvel’s best game yet.

Spider Pig

Nothing says “April Fool’s Day” like a reference to a one-time gag from The Simpsons movie. Download this mod and you can roam around New York as the little cartoon pig that only the most hardcore Simp-heads will remember.

There are tons of wacky and wonderful mods available on CurseForge, and you can try them all without fear of breaking your computer or downloading something you didn’t want. Plus, mod management tools let you easily install and uninstall any of your new toys. Check out CurseForge for free today.

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