Cheaters will no longer see other players in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific and Vanguard Season 3

As part of the ongoing battle against cheaters, the team behind Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Vanguard announced that it has implemented a new system, known as Cloakingwhich will prevent cheat users from seeing opponents during a match.

As explained in a new blog post highlighting the latest developments for the anti-cheat solution Ricochet of Call of Duty, Cloaking follows a similar philosophy to its previous initiative Damage Shield as it is designed to “give legitimate players an edge over the cheat”.

While Damage Shield actually activated “God” mode for all legitimate players when it was released, Cloaking aims to think-through cheaters, making it impossible for them to see opponents, bullets, and even hear sounds. “Legitimate players, however,” explains the post, “can see who harnesses hit by concealment, and they can safely hit them.”

Warzone and Vanguard cheaters will no longer see other players in the game

Ricochet’s team revealed that they have banned another 54,000 accounts since the previous 90,000 ban figure was announced. It also clarifies that all banned players will be removed from the leaderboards. Ricochet’s server-side anti-cheat backend has long been available for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. However, until now, only Warzone has used the system’s kernel-level driver. This changed with an updated kernel-level driver that was launched globally for Vanguard as well.

According to the Ricochet team, these changes will then be applied to Warzone, but only “after a period of reviewing how these updates work” in order to “minimize any issues players may encounter.”

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