One of the main novelties of the first season of Warzone on Vanguard was the addition of fighter planes. Well, for this second season, the game’s Vanguard Royale mode is getting a new type of aircraft, the bomber, which we invite you to discover here.

Dominate the Skies with the Bomber

The purpose of the bomber in Call of Duty: Warzone is simply to become a real nightmare for those who move on the ground. Indeed, they have bombs they can drop and it hurts extremely badly, both for players and also for ground vehicles.

Even worse, if a player manages to drop a bomb directly on a package, it will be destroyed, which can be terrible and extremely expensive for the unfortunates who will see their money fly away due to a well-placed bomb. Be careful though, the bomber has weak points.

The first of these weak points, it’s that every four bombs, you’re going to have to reload and it takes quite a bit of time. The second problem is that a bomber is quite complicated to maneuver given its weight and that does not forgive against a fighter.

In summary, the bomber is a real nightmare for players on the ground, but if he ever gets chased by a team that has fighters, his chances of survival are minimal. If you are playing as a team, it is therefore better to accompany your bomber with at least one fighter if possible.

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