The expansion of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, was released on February 22 and, shortly after, the Steam Deck began to reach all the homes where it was reserved. For many, this could be a sign, one that it was time to explore the new campaign and the world of Savathûn while playing on handheld. Unfortunately, it won’t be.

As we told you in our investigation on how games work on the Steam Deck , Destiny 2 is marked as “Broken” in ProtonDB, which means that it does not work or is poorly prepared for the Steam Deck. Now, Bungie has wanted to comment on it in its Steam guide to clarify what happens with the game on this console / pocket computer.

Destiny 2 is not supported on the Steam Deck or any system using Proton, from Steam Play, unless Windows is installed and running,” they state, “players attempting to launch Destiny 2 on the Steam Deck via SteamOS or Proton won’t be able to enter the game and will be back in your library in seconds.”

The Destiny developer has gone a step further to warn users: “Players attempting to get around the Destiny 2 incompatibility are going to be ‘banned’.”

It is clear. It’s probably not a good idea to try to get Destiny 2 working on the Steam Deck right now, but hopefully there are ways to resolve this situation, especially since we’re talking about a title that tends to be among the most played on the platform consistently.

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