Available today on consoles and PC, Biomutant is finally revealed to the public, four years after its official announcement by Experiment 101. On this occasion, the game published by THQ Nordic reveals its list of trophies and achievements.

Find below the list of 47 trophies by Biomutant, available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (37 Bronze, 6 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum).

Bronze trophies (37)

  • The adventure begin

    Escape from Bunker 101

  • Bright bright

    Discover a brilliant crash site

  • Kitchen towel rag

    Win a drink competition against Glüps

  • Master wung fu

    Defeat 50 enemies with Super Wushu

  • Thugs

    Defeat 15 bandits

  • Tarring

    Drown 5 enemies in oil during a fight

  • Specialized

    Reach level 25 in any class

  • DNA overloaded

    Recode your DNA in the biofilter of a refrigeration tower

  • Gains maximums

    Upgrade 2 attributes to 100

  • Electrified

    Defeat 20 enemies with the Ki Spark ability

  • Glue

    Stick 25 enemies to a Drooling Bubble

  • Bong !

    Bounce 50 times on a Mushroom

  • Cousteau

    Use your Glop-ski in all water resistance levels

  • Screaming metal

    Survive 5 minutes in Mekton inside Death Zonemort

  • Rodeo

    Ride a rodent for 500 meters

  • Jiminy

    Unlock all automaton upgrades

  • I am green!

    Have more than 1,000 green sheets

  • Elementary

    Obtain 10 units of each crafting resource

  • Splash splash

    Capture 20 scouipes

  • Coin

    Capture 20 coincoins

  • Entomologist

    Capture 20 papilettes

  • Flap-flap

    Capture 20 zozios

  • Fly fisherman

    Capture 20 guppos

  • Chief Buyer

    Buy an item from Honki

  • Adventurer

    Discover all 7 biomes

  • Look at the road!

    Discover and enter 3 bouchdégs

  • It’s mine !

    Explode 3 bombs on the Porkipouf

  • To taste

    Give 6 scouipes to eat at the Mangemonde Gigapouf

  • Sailor

    Give the Tortipouf 6 guppos to eat

  • Pretty gums

    Pull out all the teeth of the Lapipouf

  • Conquest

    Conquer 6 Tribal Outposts

  • Show off

    Defeat enemies using 3 different tribal weapons

  • head in the stars

    Craft a 7 Star Weapon

  • There is no time to hammer!

    Find and equip 5 different Mekton upgrades

  • On the wave

    Find and equip 5 different Glop-Ski upgrades

  • In your teeth

    Deal over 1000 damage with a single hit

  • At the foot of the rainbow

    See what’s at the foot of the rainbow

Silver trophies (6)

  • On your knees

    Find all 30 Psionic Shrines

  • Hooted hoot!

    Unlock all pistol mastery skills

  • Cut and slash

    Unlock all melee weapon mastery skills

  • The Dragon

    Defeat or subdue all 5 rival tribal leaders

  • Mindfulness

    Complete all 20 Consciousness Dialogs

  • Hiking

    Find all 6 tribal forts

Gold trophies (3)

  • Old world gadgets

    Find all 15 old world gadgets

  • Paragon

    Defeat the four World Eaters

  • Animal social

    Find all 16 secondary characters

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Biomutant Platinum Trophy

    Unlock all Biomutant trophies

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