The seven former maintenance members say they were never paid on time and had no lunch break

Kim Kardashian has been sued by a group of former gardeners and handymen who claim that the celebrity did not pay their wages properly, refused to pay overtime and did not allow them to take meal breaks.

The court documents presented in Los Angeles yesterday detail a long list of complaints about the working conditions in the home of the most mediatic of the Kardashian, located in Hidden Hills, according to the Daily Mail.

The seven former employees also claim that they were never paid on time and that 10 percent of their wages were withdrawn to pay taxes, which she later did not hand over to the authorities.

None of them received itemized pay stubs or wages, and all say Kim was unable to keep track of the hours they worked or paid overtime.

One of the complainants, who is only 16 years old, says he was forced to work more than the maximum 48 hours a week allowed. And when one of the gardeners approached Kim to ask about overtime, taxes and breaks, he claims he was fired on the spot.

Lawyer Frank Kim of the Kim Legal law firm, which is filing the case against Kim, notes that “Wage theft and other workplace violations are a widespread problem in Los Angeles. My firm is currently investigating other possible violations against these defendants, as well as other powerful families and businesses on behalf of domestic workers. “

For his part, a representative of Kim states in Daily Mail that the personnel behind the lawsuit had not been hired directly by her, but through a third party.

“These workers were hired and paid through an outside vendor hired by Kim to provide ongoing services. Kim is not part of the agreement made between the supplier and its workers, therefore, he is not responsible for how the supplier manages its business and for the agreements it has made directly with its staff. Kim has never paid a supplier for their services and hopes that the problem between these workers and the supplier who hired them can be resolved amicably soon.”

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