Game News Bayonetta 3: gameplay, bosses and story, a huge trailer puts the package for the exclusive Switch

We feel that Bayonetta 3’s time is approaching and it’s not us who are going to complain about it: after years and years of development, PlatinumGames’ beat ’em all is finally going to land and this trailer really gives water to the mouth.

The comeback with muscle and grace

After a first video teaser dropped years ago, PlatinumGames will have been talking about Bayonetta 3 for ages. “Development is going well”, “be patient”, “everything is going well”… so many reassuring phrases dropped by a Hideki Kamiya exhausted from answering the same anxious questions from fans and other media. But if you ever doubted it, this new trailer is here to drive the point home: yes, Bayonetta 3 is about to be delivered to your shelf and it looks very good.

Therefore, to say, this brand new plump trailer of more than four minutes, released by Nintendo recently, sets the tone : there is action, do you want some, here is some, demonstrating in particular all-new gameplay abilities like the Demon Masquerade, which allows you to transform into a gigantic demon for XXL confrontations. We also see Viola a new character, equipped with a katana and an iron will.

A Bayonetta, Bayonettas

The trailer also lets you know a little more about the scenario. Here, the angels are no longer the main adversaries and the conflict will indeed be led by humans, equipped with futuristic technology capable of replicating formidable enemies. Even more intriguing, the story will introduce alternate versions of our dear Bayonettamaybe to play a little Spider-Man No Way Home (because after all, why not).

In short, a busy program which, we remember, is only reserved for the Switch, Platinum Games having teamed up with Nintendo in terms of the Bayonetta franchise since the second opus. The release date is therefore set for October 28, 2022 exclusively on the Nintendo machine: below is a link to pre-order the title at a discount. It’s always taken.

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