Less and less is missing for all fans of the most famous witch in video games to enjoy their new adventure. It is because of this that many of them are wondering what will be the novelties that this third installment will offer, so a new Bayonetta 3 trailer shows them to you in detail.

As you surely know, the PlatinumGames saga is about to return with a very promising title and we are learning more and more details about what it will offer in a few weeks.

If you are still not sure in which aspects Bayonetta 3 will differ from past games, those responsible for this installment have just shared a trailer that confirms everything new that the saga will receive.

As you could see, and although this game does not forget the good points of its predecessors, Bayonetta 3 will present several important additions to its popular formula, where some are added, such as the new Demonic Mask ability that allows you to meet the demon linked to your weapon and execute good combos, or even summon these creatures and control them at will.

Now, we only have to wait until October 28 to know for sure what this new installment of the franchise will offer, which will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

What do you think of the novelties of the title? Tell us in the comments.

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