There is still almost no official information about Battlefield 6. Developers DICE and publisher EA remain silent. The generally well-informed industry expert Tom Henderson is now delivering new material – fresh from the rumor mill.

Who is the leaker?

Tom Henderson is not an unfamiliar name and has inside sources within the developer scene. He gained notoriety through his YouTube channel TheLongSenstation because he leaked the name and setting of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare before the announcement. He also forecast the release of the Battle Royale offshoot Warzone.

Henderson reported in the past about the upcoming Battlefield series part. Among other things, he spoke about the setting and the number of players in Battlefield 6 as well as the differences between skill-based matchmaking and Call of Duty.

In his new newsletter, Henderson goes back to Battlefield 6 and gives details about the campaign, the setting, the multiplayer mode and the planned unveiling of the multiplayer shooter.

The insider statements at a glance

1. No more numbering

So far we have called the game Battlefield 6, the logical successor to Battlefield 5. According to Henderson, the next part of the series will only be called Battlefield. Henderson thus confirms parts of his earlier information.

2. Setting

Henderson also uses past information for the setting. Accordingly, Battlefield will play around ten years in the future. For this reason, developer Dice can rely on weapons and vehicles that are currently being developed by the military – including robots, drones, jets, modern tanks and much more.

According to Henderson, the rumor that Battlefield should unite all series parts is not true.

3rd campaign

There should be “a revolutionary campaign” in Battlefield – at least in comparison to the earlier series parts. According to Henderson’s information, the campaign will focus on your character and a special unit. You should be able to decide for yourself which faction you join – Russia or the USA, which are at war with each other.

Henderson cannot yet confirm with certainty whether the campaign is purely a single-player experience or whether it can even be played in co-op.

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