Cynthia Klitbo decided to open her heart and reveal a hard episode that she had to live when she was just a teenager. And it is that the prominent Mexican actress confessed that she was raped when she was just 14 years old after losing consciousness at a party.

These strong statements were offered at a press conference upon his return to Mexico, after having stayed for several months in Peru for work reasons. The popular artist She told what happened to her and how she was sexually abused.

“I had a boyfriend at 14, who was studying in the Hispanic, his name is Beto Reyes, he had a group called ‘The News’, and they took me to a party with their friends, who were over 16 o 17 years. When I woke up I was all vomited and naked, surrounded by all these guys “, counted.

“And some time later when I started being famous, she looked for me and apologized, but when one of them grows up, you get twenty (you understand what happened) and you realize that it really isn’t worth it and it was a wretch … And it happened to me more than once, I have been a woman raped several times ”, added Klitbo.

Cynthia also stated why she did not report this fact. “How could I do it if the same movements did not exist that there are now? At that time you came to the delegation and they mistreated you worse. And that keeps happening there are pedophilia abuses that is what worries me ”, Indian.

He also mentioned that currently not interested in making a public complaint, but said that if you decide to expose names, it will be formally and within a delegation. But that was not all, since the actress also said that when she was a young girl she suffered several times from street harassment.

In that sense, she explained that, when she was studying at the National Dance School behind the Auditorium, soldiers from Campo Marte used to stick to the windows to harass her and her companions. “They showed us everything (their genitals), because they were transparent glasses and nobody did anything”, he recounted.

This is not the first time that Cynthia Klitbo has recounted these episodes in her life. He previously spoke of a teacher at the National School of Dance took advantage of the fact that she did not have a father figure to make her fall in love, which made her lose her chance to become a great dancer.

On another occasion, She narrated that she suffered harassment in the subway: a man masturbated and tried to ejaculate on top of her, to which he had to dodge it, succeeding, but keeping that traumatic event in mind.

In 2019 he stated that She resigned from the National Association of Actors (ANDA) because her partner Emilio Guerrero harassed her and suffered humiliation with sexual connotations from Jesús Ochoa, who then headed that union, in addition to other colleagues, of whom he did not want to say names.

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