In order to shorten the waiting time for the players until the next season, the liquidator event started in Battlefield 2042 on October 11 at 10 a.m. with a new game mode and themed skins – which had to be temporarily switched off again due to bugs.

At the same time there is also a small update that makes changes to some weapons and fixes various bugs. We summarize the most important changes.

What does update 2.1.1 bring?

Balance Changes: The following weapons will be made either stronger or weaker:

  • Avancys (Light Machine Gun): Increased recoil and dispersion per shot.
  • K30 and MP9 (Submachine Guns): Increased spread, and reduced accuracy at range.
  • M16A3 (Assault Rifle): Reduced recoil, reduced spread when aiming.
  • M60E4 (Light Machine Gun): Reduced recoil, reduced dispersion when aiming, increased damage.

Bug-Fixes: Various bugs have been fixed. Among other things, there is a new fix for a recurring bug that made aiming weapons impossible after exiting a vehicle. As usual, you can find all patch notes of the update on page 2 of the article.

What happens in the Liquidators event?

Battlefield 2042: Liquidators Event Trailer Shows Off New Skins And Infantry Game Mode

The big highlight of the Liquidator event is the new game mode Tactical conquest. It comes into play for a limited time and lets you fight pure infantry battles on small maps. The aim here is to hold the majority of 3 capture points and thus reduce the opponents’ tickets. It is played in two teams of eight or sixteen players.

However, shortly after the start of the event, the developers switched it off again. This is due to errors in unlocking rewards. We will keep you informed about the development.

The event will also bring new cosmetic items such as soldier and weapon skins, some of which you can unlock by playing the new mode. But that probably only works as long as the event is running, so from October 11th to 25th. All further information about the liquidators can be found here:

Battlefield 2042

All information about the Liquidators event and the new game mode

What’s next after that?

Next up for Battlefield is a major update for Season 2. This should make more weapons from Battlefield Portal available in the standard game modes and bring a revised version of the Orbital map. A release date for this update is not yet known.

Season 3 will probably continue in November 2022, which will probably bring new weapons, a new map and an additional specialist.

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