World of Warcraft in Valheim? A mod brought Azeroth to the Viking world.

With his innumerable freedom in building buildings, Valheim has already inspired a number of players to recreate well-known buildings and sights. Modders who simply import entire worlds from other games go one step further.

An impressive example of this is the modder »Kromek«, who brings Azeroth from World of Warcraft to Valheim. We’re talking about the entire planet of the online role-playing game based on the current expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

From Kalimdor to Nordend in Valheim

The mod or more precisely the memory status has the appropriate name “Valheim of Warcraft” and lets you explore almost all areas of Azeroth freely. This of course includes the two continents Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, but also Pandaria, Northrend and many other well-known areas are implemented.

Two exceptions: If you look at the map, you will notice that two areas from World of Warcraft are missing. These are Outland and the Shadowlands, both of which are outside of Azeroth. The developer’s plan is to add the two worlds.

Azeroth in Valheim: The Mod Valheim of Warcraft by modder Kromek lets you explore almost all areas of the MMO.

Technically, the Maelstrom in the middle of Azeroth is also missing. However, this is not so easy to implement in Valheim for technical reasons.

Timeless island as a starting point: Anyone who starts in Azeroth from Valheim will be the first to land on the Timeless Island. From there you can use portals to travel to all World of Warcraft starting zones. Practical: Each of the zones always houses the first boss from Valheim, which is why you don’t have to worry about the random factor.

So you install the map

In order to explore Azeroth in Valheim yourself, there are a few things to consider. On the one hand, you should back up your save files in order to be able to restore them in the event of any errors. On the other hand, you absolutely need the Unity framework BepInEx.

Then you still need the Better Continents modification, which is available from Nexusmods including installation instructions. Then all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Download and unzip Valheim of Warcraft at Nexusmods
  • Copy the unzipped files into the Valheim Worlds folder. By default, this is located here: “C: Users AppData LocalLow IronGate Valheim worlds”
  • Start the game and you should now find »VoWAzeroth« in the world list

On the mod page you will also find special installation instructions if you want to use the map on your own server.

Where is the journey from Valheim going?

Since the start in Early Access, things have become a little quieter on the content front of Valheim. However, the developers have big plans to expand the survival game in the future and make it more extensive. A total of four major updates have been announced for this year.

However, the developers did not expect the huge success of their game. For this reason, some updates that will now appear later than originally planned have been delayed.

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