atomic heart received a new update for PS5 and PS4. On the PS5 specifically, the update adds support for 120fps. The patch also includes some critical fixes for trophies and missions.

Atomic Heart PS5 Update, PS4 Patch Notes

The full patch notes are as follows:


● HUD, subtitle size adjustment
● 120Hz mode (PS5, Xbox Series X|S)
(the mode will only work with devices compatible with the console (TV or monitor and HDMI 2.1 cable); the presence of 120 Hz does not guarantee the operation of the mode)
● Fixed an issue with unlocking achievements.
(note additional nuances in the recommendations section)
● Fixed an issue with automatic voiceover language detection.


● Improved shadow display
● Fixed an issue where cartoons were not in save rooms.
● Removal of the connection of the funiculars to the FPS in the tunnels of the Vavilov complex.
● Updated Shaders
● In some places, the white image on TVs has been changed to static image
● Fixed an issue with artistic subtitles: the translation will now be displayed.
● Updated first person animations and fixed character body display issues when playing with high FOV.


● Fixed freezing during Morning Express mission
● Icarus in the VDNH now fully stands up when loading a savegame where it was stuck
● Fixed an issue when saving the puzzle with lightning bolts.
● Fixed subtitles display problem (freeze)


● Added the ability to loot corpses lying in the water.
● Improved climbing in “corners”
● Added the ability to launch funiculars at the entrance to the Vavilov Complex tunnels after going through them.
● Fixed an issue that caused you to get stuck when colliding in certain locations.
● Fixed various issues with the Mass Telekinesis skill.
● Optimization and fixes for mob corpses
● Fixed health regeneration issue when loading a save.


● Improved optimization (LTO and others)


● Fixed display of DLC content on character in main menu

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