Amouranth reports back after Abuse allegations

Amouranth reports back after Abuse allegations

Streamer Amouranth caused a tremor in the Twitch community over the weekend. Not only did she reveal that she is actually married, but also that her husband abused her and coerced her into revealing content.

On the night of Tuesday, October 18, Amouranth returned live on Twitch for the first time and announced what had happened since the dramatic stream.

Here’s how Amouranth’s Twitch career continues

Since the abrupt end of Amouranth’s last stream, it had initially become quiet about the streamer. After fans and friends were concerned and even tried to call the police, it was not until October 17th that her cameraman gave an update to reassure those who were concerned that she was fine.

Then, just hours later, Amouranth herself returned to the spotlight to update her fans.

One of the biggest problems for Amouranth was their financial situation, since her partner was in control of all her accounts. As she explained at the beginning of her stream, she has now regained access:

“As of today I have access to all my accounts and finances again. He’s not here, he’s looking for help. I am seeking legal and emotional support.”

The streamer was also extremely relieved about her newfound freedom: After her partner and his apparent manipulations were exposed, Amouranth joked that she’s looking forward to being on stream in the future being able to wear clothes.

Instead of revealing hot tub streams and nude pictures on OnlyFans, Amouranth wants to do something completely different in the future:

Hopefully a lot more animal streams. It will take time to process that. I don’t know when or if I’ll be back to full-time work. At least for now I think I’ll take it easy.

Fans continue to worry

Even if according to Amouranth everything should be fine now, many fans are still worried. Above all, fans see their statement that they talked to their husband for hours and that he simply hadn’t noticed how problematic his behavior was until now as a reason for skepticism.

I think hearing himself on that call made him realize what an asshole he is. It’s like he never noticed.

For many fans on Reddit and Co., it sounds like Amouranth is protecting him – after all, after all the revelations, there shouldn’t be much to clarify except for a divorce.

Even if her partner is now looking for help, as the streamer says, she could get into one cycle of abuse be pulled if she does not separate for good. After a reconciliation phase in which your partner asks for forgiveness and promises improvement, domestic violence could flare up again sooner or later as soon as a first spark flies.

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