10 very cheap places to live abroad that could motivate you to quit your job

10 very cheap places to live abroad that could motivate you to quit your job

With prices at the top of various consumer products, some people are keeping an eye on other destinations outside the country, where despite the fact that there is also inflation, the cost of living can be covered with savings or salary from current job.

The site specialized in travel, retirement and investments International Living published an annual list of the best places in the world to retire where in addition to the wonderful landscapes and cultural diversity, they highlighted the low prices offered.

1. Uruguay

While the cost of living in the United States is $2,112 dollars and the rent for one person is $1,325 dollars per month, the South American country has a cost of living of $1,090 dollars per month. Also, you can find a good apartment for about $500 per month.

2. Spain

The estimated cost of living in the Iberian country is approximately $1,141 dollars, although it could well vary if you live in cities with greater urbanization or in tourist coastal towns. Still, the higher prices would not compare to what is paid in the US, says the site.

3. Malta

The small island has a very affordable cost of living, from about $1,275 dollars per month. Although the rent can be expensive, the costs are balanced by cheaper food than in the country of the stars and stripes.

4. France

If there is something that distinguishes France, it is its gastronomy, its museums and its best boutiques. The cost of living is $1,363 dollars, which is 1.55 times less than in the US. In addition, the depreciation of the euro against the dollar registered for months, allows banknotes to yield more in European lands.

5. Ecuador

The country located in the south of the American continent offers a pleasant climate throughout the year, in addition to having an affordable cost of living of $750 dollars, and rent of about $307 dollars per month.

6. Colombia

The coffee capital of the world has a cost of living about $548 dollars per month. Rent, food and transportation costs are relatively lower compared to the US.

7. Portugal

The estimated cost of living for one person is $977 dollars. Although the country is small compared to its neighboring country Spain, it is big in cultural diversity.

8. Mexico

Many Americans often associate Mexico with Cancun and Cozumel but it goes beyond that. The country offers a great gastronomic variety, culture, as well as reasonable medical attention. The cost of living is $713 per month with a rent of $319.

9. Costa Rica

The cost of living in the Central American country it is $893 dollars, while the rent is $406 dollars. Pure Life!

10. Panama

Another Central American country closes the list. In Panama, the cost of living is $1,040 dollars per person, while rent costs approximately $530 per month and food costs about $353 dollars.

One way to get to know these places is by keeping a remote job. These work options can work for you to reside in another country and continue exercising in what you like the most.

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