Amouranth has accused her husband of controlling her finances as she recorded him berating her over the phone during a live stream. This is the first time the popular streamer has mentioned she has a husband – reportedly since she was told to pose as single online.

During the recorded phone call, Amouranth said she was afraid her husband would harm their dogs. He then tells her to “leave the house” and berates her for “not listening to him.”

Insulted and threatened by husband

In one of the clips currently circulating, the clearly distraught streamer says she’s “been wanting to tell” her fans for a while that she’s married. “Let’s just tell them we’re fucking married”, she says. “Our relationship would be better then. Instead, we fight all the time.”

She then claims that her husband turned down the idea because it “would ruin the business model,” referring to her Twitch and OnlyFans fans.

Elsewhere in the stream, she is talking to her husband on the phone. Here you can hear him yelling at his wife. She accuses him of threatening to kill her dogs, after which he tells her to leave the house. In another clip, Amouranth goes through texts said to be from her husband.

These texts strongly suggest that she has no control over her own bank account as he threatens to spend $500,000 of her money if she doesn’t answer him. He’s also threatening to delete their social media accounts, meaning he likely has access to them too.

Amouranth has not commented on the matter since her stream ended. According to Dexerto, the stream was abruptly cut short when an unidentified voiceover asked if Amouranth had taken her medication.

Here you can see the clips


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