We all have different goals when we start playing a certain game: some just have fun, others want to reach 100%, but there are also those who want to go further and find all the hidden secrets and reach new levels or break records in a game. speed run. Older games are full of these magical details and in the US there was even a hotline you could call if you got stuck or wanted a tip on beating the levels. Super Mario has plenty of those golden opportunities to whittle down a game that takes hours to just four minutes with these little level-skipping tricks.

Using these cheats ‘speedrunner’ Forest64 discovered that a specific wall in Bowser’s Castle track could be traversed in a very small space in Mario Kart 64, the cheat took over 200 hours to complete and ever since Since then, players haven’t stopped trying and have even broken records for how quickly the track can be completed. There are several Mario Kart 64 fans who have been around and the YouTuber Abysssoft created a video to show how to do the tour in the best possible way.


Currently, Beck Abney holds the world record for the fastest time with 1’49″38but we’ll see if anyone manages to lower that mark further.

What tricks do you know or remember for Mario Kart 64?

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