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Twitch-Streamer Fitz

Nowadays, streamer dramas are almost part of everyday life, between high-profile streamer bans and accusations of fraud. Recently, however, a new controversy has arisen within the streaming community because of the Twitch streamer Fitz made an offensive remark during one of his Minecraft streams on Twitch.

The incident occurred yesterday on January 17, 2021. “What am I actually doing? I’m r * tarded, “Fitz said while streaming on Twitch and playing Minecraft. He then went on to pursue the testimony by saying, “May I say that? Will you be mad at me on Twitter? ”

This of course angered many viewers of the stream as it is often used as an insult to people with disabilities.

Fans are disappointed

Many witnesses to the event expressed their disappointment on Twitter. While many agreed that Fitz’s choice of words was wrong, others felt that the people who got upset about the use of insults were exaggerated. Of course, Fitz himself reacted to this criticism.

Many of those who initially got upset were not happy with the streamer’s reaction as there was no apology or any sign of appreciation that what he was doing was wrong.


The use of a swear word is, of course, not the first controversy that Fitz finds himself in. Previously, he was challenged by fellow streamer Pokimane after Fitz made a joke and claimed the two were in a relationship. This resulted in Pokimane being harassed during their own streams as well as on Twitter.

It is not known if Fitz will have any sequelae for his words. Whatever happens, there will likely be at least one large group that is angry and upset about the outcome of it all.

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