Lolita Flores: “I love Isabel Pantoja very much and I have always loved her”

Lolita Flores: “I love Isabel Pantoja very much and I have always loved her”

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The artist laments that “unfortunately” she has no relationship with Paquirri’s widow18 January 2021

Lolita Flores always speaks clearly. For this reason, on her last visit to “Saturday Deluxe” – which is now also broadcast on Sundays – the actress had no problems in giving her opinion about the complicated moment that Isabel Pantoja is living, with whom she shared a great friendship in the past. .

Very discreet, the daughter of Lola Flores confessed that she preferred not to talk about the fight that Francisco, Cayetano and Kiko Rivera have with the tonadillera to recover Paquirri’s things. “It is not my war and I do not want to talk about it, but I feel sorry for what is happening with Kiko and I feel sorry that her children do not have their father’s things,” he said.

Distanced from Isabel Pantoja many years ago, Lolita has nevertheless had good words for the coplera: “I am left with an Isabel very different from the one I am seeing through you. I am left with an Isabel mother, daughter, worker, fun “.

Later, upon arrival at her home and loaded with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the actress confessed that this is the Isabel “that I know.” “I love her very much and have always loved her,” he confessed, assuring that these words are not going to upset the tonadillera because “unfortunately, we have no relationship.”

Very recovered from the arrhythmia she suffered while performing in Alicante Lolita told us that “it was all a scare” and fortunately she is fully recovered. Hit play and don’t miss his statements!


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