SpaceX’s Starship rocket made headlines last week as the massive rocket completed its first launch. Since SpaceX is a company that likes to sell weird and wacky products, the company is already commemorating the rocket with a 1:200 scale model that doubles as a blowtorch.

Of course, it is not a tool to be used in an industrial state of mind, but rather a decorative product that can also be used. for “caramelizing sugar into crème brûlée or melting cheese without all the subtext”, as the product description says.

The torch, which costs $175, can also be refilled with standard butane canisters (not that SpaceX provides them), and even features an adjustable flame and a safety lock system that automatically engages when fired. it is not used. .

The torch is already available for pre-order and is expected to start shipping in Q3 2023.


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