Sony has created a new patent that aims to improve gamer posture, which could eliminate awkward gaming if used correctly. This is probably related to the PSVR 2and the patent describes its goal of eliminating “awkward limb positions”.

Sony’s patent aims to correct the posture of gamers

The patent states that “a game intervention server can assess, based on learning patterns, physical movement and posture of players for repetitive, imbalanced, or excessive movement, as well as game quality patterns. “, which implies that the patent may involve an iterative technology. , which means the technology learns and adapts to the user.

The patent goes on to state that “Playing certain currently available interactive content titles may involve repetitive and/or imbalanced movements which may include finger movements, misaligned postures, or awkward limb positions.”

There are no current suggestions as to what technology it could be used for, but we suspect it could be implemented in VR technology, making new PSVR 2 players much more comfortable. This would reduce stress on the legs, the possibility of repetitive stress injuries, and various other extremity issues that may arise due to the amount of hand use when using the sensory controllers, and stress on the neck which could result from the weight of the helmet.

Speaking of PSVR 2, a new update for the headset was recently released along with a new PS5 update which sees the drivers update over-the-air.

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