Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Kristina Dukic has passed away. She was only 21 years old. Dukic, known to her fans on Twitch and YouTube as “K1KA” and “Kika”, has had some recent success streaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.

When she started her YouTube channel in 2015, she mainly focused on Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V. Over the years, Dukic has accumulated over 705,000 subscribers on YouTube and 44.5 thousand Twitch followers.

Found dead

The steamer’s death was confirmed by her family on social media. An Instagram story announced through the streamer’s account that she was found dead on December 8th.

“This is a tough time for all of us and all we can do is keep the memory of her alive”, it says in the post. “We love you Kika and miss you more than words can express.”

The cause of death of the streamer was not explicitly mentioned in the posting. Local media reported that Dukic died of suicide. The police reportedly found her “lifeless body” and no signs of fighting or violence.

The Instagram message also ended with the words: “If you have suicidal thoughts or depression, please speak to someone, you are not alone”.

Your YouTube career has been very varied. She uploaded videos playing her favorite video games or just hanging out with friends and family. In one of her by far most popular 3.5 million views, Dukic’s mom accidentally lights her hair. We would like to express our condolences to the family and loved ones and wish them all the best for the future.

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