Julio José finally opens up about his relationship with his brother Enrique Iglesias

Julio José finally opens up about his relationship with his brother Enrique Iglesias

Julio José has returned to Spain from Miami after his divorce from Charisse Verhaert, a process that both have carried out amicably. In fact, the singer assures that she is still his best friend and still refers to her as his wife, but they decided to go their separate ways “because we wanted to live life to the fullest”, tells in an interview with ‘El Mundo’.

In the same medium, he has opened up about other issues, such as the relationship he maintains with his brother Enrique Iglesias. For years it has been rumored that there is a certain rivalry between them as a result of their musical careers, and now the artist tells the whole truth about it.

In the same report, Julio José also delves into the possibility that, at last, the day will come when the two brothers sing on stage with their father. The artist acknowledges that they have weighed it in private, “but then it’s never done, though I’d love to”.

In his day it was also speculated that Julio Iglesias was not very satisfied with his children following in his footsteps in the world of music, for fear that they might overshadow him. Although these gossip have never been confirmed, the truth is that they have been very few signs of support public to their children in their respective careers on the tables.

Throughout the interview, Julio José Iglesias speaks also about his sister Tamara Falcó, who he says he always knew “that she had a lot of art.”

In addition, he is happy with the media success that the Marchioness of Griñón has achieved in recent months: “She likes her very well, she is very nice and very nice. She is a fantastic girl and I am very happy that people know her”.

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