A streamer has just discovered two crucial abilities in Fire Emblem: Three Houses after 120 hours.

This streamer would be the brilliantly named Louisey Hannah, who found herself in unfortunate circumstances earlier this week. The streamer is definitely a Fire Emblem: Three Houses veteran, but even veterans can overlook the fact that there’s a button to run while exploring the strategy game’s Garreg Mach Monastery.

Veterans may also miss switching unit positions on the battlefield before a fight. Yes, it turns out that you really can spend 120 hours in Fire Emblem: Three Houses missing something that the game explains to you via a tutorial after less than five hours.

Turns out, many LouiseyHannah viewers were similarly shocked. “CAN YOU SWAP CHARACTER POSITIONS?!” read a response from Twitter. To hope?! How really? I have to try it as soon as possible. Luckily I only have about 10 hours in…” says another Twitter user.

“I really appreciate the work of your moderators and the respect your chat has for not telling you these things. It takes you through such amazing times,” he says in the Twitch viewer. They’re not wrong: it’s actually a pretty impressive feat for not a single viewer in a full audience to explain or “play behind” a game to a Twitch streamer in over 120 hours.

We can’t help but wonder what features, if any, Fire Emblem Engage is missing after dozens of hours with the latest game in the series. Maybe someone managed to completely forget about equipping the Crest Rings, or missed the support conversations around Somniel. Hey, there’s no worse place to experience a key feature after 100+ hours than in front of a live audience.

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