Employees of the United States Postal Service enjoy good benefits and a great work environment. We explain how much they earn and what you need to become one of them

Who could live without the service provided by USPS postal employees in the United States? And it is that they are not only in charge of delivering packages or letters, part of their tasks is to classify, process and operate machines to have the mail ready for deliveries.

Their functions may change from day to day and they do not necessarily have to always be performing a fixed task. In the United States, this service is offered through the USPS, a government-owned company that, through the sale of stamps and envelopes, answers customers’ questions about the mail process, handles purchases, and calculates mail costs. , it is achieved that there is a service like this in the country.

According to The Balance Careers and an investigation by Payscale, the average salary of an employee of the United States Postal Service is around $63,000 dollars, although this amount will vary according to the state where they live. But according to calculations, it can range from $35,960 to $60,000 a year.

The important point is not in the amount of cash they receive, but rather that there are several and quite good benefits that are offered to them at the same time.

Some of these benefits are that postal employees are eligible for a pension plan along with a 401 (k) plan, in addition to granting them the Social Security benefit. This implies that they can retire at a very good age, and maintain an economically stable life for the rest of their lives.

They also receive overtime pay, are given paid vacations. In addition, they receive medical insurance and are granted life insurance. In this context, people who have worked for the USPS explain that truly working there means having an excellent work environment. And in fact, it is a street job, active, without having to be tied to a desk.

What do you need to work in the US Postal Service?

You don’t need more than a high school diploma. An important part is the training that they will give you so that you can do your job. The plus is that they will pay you for this training, since it is taken into account as an internship.

This training is an 18-month program, and once you complete it, there is a good chance you can get hired by the USPS, the United States Postal Service.

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