Benefit payments are distributed each month in all 58 California counties.

Millions of California families receive income relief through the CalWORKs welfare program, which expands to 58 counties and provides households with guaranteed income.

The assistance from this program is immediate and monthly so that these eligible families have short-term food, housing and cover essential expenses such as utilities, medical care, among others.

Those who already belong to the program receive payments on the first days of each month, which means that for December, according to the schedule, the benefits will be distributed between the 1st and 3rd of next month.

In order to be eligible for this economic assistance, several requirements must be met, among which are the family income, which must be below the federal poverty level, the number of members in the household, whether there are dependents, their ages and whether the children have any disabilities.

In this case, the benefit amounts vary depending on the size of the family, for example; a household of four can receive up to $1,500 dollars, a family of six can get up to $2,000 dollars, a family of eight $2,600 dollars and a household of more than ten can receive up to $3,200 dollars.

To apply for this benefit you can download the form from the California Department of Social Services website and send it to your local county social services/human services agency in person, fax or mail. Some counties allow applications online at the website.

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