Stimulus check 2023

Stimulus check 2023: which states will send payments of up to $1,050 in February

The economic aid that thousands of Americans are receiving so that they can combat the high inflation that has afflicted them for the last 12 months is running out and fewer and fewer states have decided to send a little extra money to their countries. residents. However, even for the month of February 2023, there are a few states that are still active with the distribution of money.

The inflation that the United States has faced during the last year has been historic, as has been cataloged by various analysts and experts, who have seen the efforts of the country’s Federal Reserve to manage to cushion it with different increases of interest rates. And although inflation has subsided during the last months of 2022, there is still a long way to go to reach the levels that are generally experienced in the American nation.

For this reason, the aid in some states has continued, but as time goes by, it is running out. In Just Money we are going to specify which states continue to grant stimulus checks against inflation, who will receive them and other important information about each economic relief.


In the state of California, the Tax Refund for the Middle Class is being granted. This distribution began in October 2022 and, although it was said that it would be completed by mid-January 2023, some situations caused the California Tax Board to be delayed and therefore warned that the state stimulus check would continue. Delivering until February 22, 2023.

The amount that taxpayers will receive will depend on the number of members of each family, since dependents are also eligible. So this financial aid can range from $200 to $1,050.

So far, according to official figures, more than $9 billion dollars have been issued to more than 7 million people since 2022. So there are very few taxpayers left to get their hands on their California stimulus check.

Eligible are those who filed a California tax return before October 15, 2021, those who have not exceeded the established income limits: more than $250,000 for single filers and more than $500,000 for married couples filing a return on the whole. Also who was not claimed as a dependent during tax year 2020 and who resided in California for at least six months during 2020.


In the state of Idaho, a stimulus check was approved, as a tax refund, for $600 dollars. This money began to be distributed from September 2022. Those taxpayers who have submitted their 2020 or 2021 income tax return on time, whichever of the two is the most recent, are eligible.

Those who file as single are receiving a check for $300, while those who file jointly will receive $600.

While Idaho Gov. Brad Little said all payments should be in by Thanksgiving 2022, the reality is that thousands of taxpayers reported failure to fill out forms, thus falling behind with your documents. So, in this case, the cash can reach them between February and March 2023.

Eligible individuals must have completed Form 24 and have lived in Idaho all year, or at least have spent more than 270 days residing there.


The Illinois stimulus check was released specifically for the community living in Evanston, located in Cook County. The aid consists of granting economic relief to 150 people, which will be in a monthly payment that will be made throughout 2023. The amount that will be contributed will be $500 dollars per month.

Among the requirements that are being requested to grant this stimulus check, it is highlighted that people must be between 18 and 24 years of age or over 62 years of age. They must also show that they have an income less than 250% of the federal poverty line in the United States.


In the state of Massachusetts, a stimulus check was approved for the inhabitants of the city of Chelsea. These residents will receive payments ranging from $400 to $700. The deadline to request this stimulus money closed on January 6. Now, the money is distributed between January, February and March 2023.

This is the second program where cash can be received in the next three months, that is, from January to March.


In the state of Virginia, the stimulus check that is still in force will be distributed in the city of Alexandria. 170 citizens will be chosen to grant economic assistance, which will be $500 dollars over two years. The payments will be monthly and the first of them came out in January 2023.

Among the requirements that are needed to achieve eligibility, it is highlighted that people must be over 18 years of age, and their income will also be analyzed at the time the benefit applications are submitted.

“We are providing financial resources to individuals and families so they can decide how best to meet the needs of their lives,” Mayor Justin Wilson said in a news release. “We are creating this unique program to evolve the ways we help our neighbors who need extra support,” he added.

Applications to enroll in the program opened on October 31 and closed on November 9. Then, in December 2022, the chosen ones began to be called, who were selected through a lottery.


In Wisconsin, financial assistance will be awarded to people who live in the Madison community. Eligible individuals will receive a monthly payment of $500. The local government indicated that 155 families will benefit. The selection will be made randomly from 3,000 who signed up to receive this support.

To qualify for the stimulus check in Madison Wisconsin, people need to have income less than 200% below the federal poverty line. Another requirement is to have a dependent under the age of 18 in each eligible household.

“We know that monthly cash aid can help families get healthy food, buy school supplies or even get a better job,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said in a news release.

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