At Globe Live Media we explain the benefits of the Oportun Cash Back Visa, a card that offers good rewards. We also explain how to request it and, most importantly, how to use it correctly.

Oportun credit cards have a particular characteristic that differentiates them in the market of financial plastics in the United States: they do not usually require a Social Security number to apply for them (nor much credit history), which makes them very attractive for the Hispanic population that lacks this document.

On this occasion, we want to talk to you about a credit card that will probably be very much in demand soon: the Oportun Cash Back Visa.

As its name suggests, this credit card will offer rewards for refunds on various purchases, which is why it can become one of your main financial instruments.

At Globe Live Media we explain everything you need to know about the Oportun Cash Back Visa, including how to request it and how to use it.

How can I apply for the Opportun Cash Back Visa?

At the moment, the only way to apply for this card is by invitation from the financial company Oportun.

To obtain an invitation, you can enter their web portal and enter your name, your last name and your email, as well as the language in which you wish to be attended. This is all that is required to apply.

By doing this, you may receive an invitation to apply for the Opportun Cash Back Visa.

How can I use the Opportun Cash Back Visa?

According to information from Oportun, the Cash Back Visa credit card will offer refunds for an amount equivalent to 1% of the purchases made (credit operations, returns or adjustments are excluded).

This means that for every $1,000 you spend on purchases, you will receive a $10.00 cash back.

You will also receive a 0.5% cashback on payments you make with your account.

Among the operations that do not generate refunds are:

1) Balance transfers.
2) Cash advances.
3) Cash-like transactions such as traveler’s checks, money orders, or wire transfers.
4) Transactions related to gambling and lottery.

Qualifying rebates will be automatically applied to your next billing cycle statement, provided you have accumulated at least $10.00 in rebates. In the event that you have not accrued at least $10.00 in rebates, you will not receive this credit to your account until you have reached this amount.

Also, these rewards will be applied while the account is open and in good standing and not subject to any dispute.

The interest of this credit card ranges between 24.90% and 29.90%, and will vary depending on market fluctuations.

You can enter the Oportun website to obtain more information and take advantage of the benefits of this financial company in case you do not have a very extensive credit history.

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