At Globe Live Media we tell you what the minimum hourly wage in Vermont is and if it will increase soon

Although the size of the Hispanic community in Vermont is small compared to other states, the truth is that Vermont already has a Latino population of more than half a million people. The reasons? A calm lifestyle, away from dense urban areas, is one of the great attractions of this state, together with its natural spaces and its good labor market.

If you are one of those who has considered Vermont as a possible destination to live, you have probably wondered what its minimum hourly wage is.

If so, we have the answer: Vermont’s minimum wage is $12.55 an hour, which is higher than the federal minimum wage set in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is of $7.25 dollars per hour. This is one of Vermont’s biggest economic draws.

Workers who regularly or continuously receive tips during their work hours (for example, front-line employees such as waiters or bartenders) can receive up to 50% of the minimum wage from their employers, provided they when collecting tips, your daily income is equivalent to the established minimum wage.

For January 2022, the minimum wage for tipped workers is therefore $6.28 per hour.

Who is exempt from earning the minimum wage in Vermont?

According to the regulations established by the Vermont Department of Labor, the following types of workers are exempt from earning the minimum wage:

1) Full-time high school students.
2) Workers in the agricultural or field sector.
3) Taxi drivers.
4) Employees in charge of sending newspapers or advertisements.
5) Employees in activities of non-profit organizations (with the exception of employees in charge of laundry or nursing assistants).
6) Domestic service employees in private homes.
7) Employees of the United States federal government.

Likewise, it should be noted that the law does not require employers to guarantee benefits such as payment for holidays, vacation pay or sick leave (unless this is stipulated in a contract between the worker and his or her employer). .

Will the minimum hourly wage increase in Vermont soon?

According to tax estimates prepared by the Bloomberg Tax portal, the minimum hourly wage in Vermont could be adjusted in January 2023 to a total of $13.18 dollars per hour.

In fact, Vermont’s minimum wage has increased steadily in recent years.

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