How to order a new Bank of America credit card if I accidentally lost it

How to order a new Bank of America credit card if I accidentally lost it

At Globe Live Media we explain how to request a new Bank of America credit card from the comfort of your personal computer or your smartphone, in case you have accidentally lost it.

The positive qualities of credit cards from Bank of America, one of the largest and most important banks in the United States, naturally mean that the plastics of this financial institution cannot be missing from any list of the best credit cards you can get in usa.

But… What happens if you accidentally lose your Bank of America credit card? How can you replace it? In Globe Live Media we tell you.

How can I request a replacement for my lost Bank of America credit card?

The 10 steps to request a replacement Bank of America credit card are simple and easy to follow. Best of all: it is a process that can be carried out completely online:

1) Sign in to your Online Banking account.

2) Select the Accounts option and click on the Manage card settings option.

3) Select the Credit Cards option, and then click the option that says Request a new or replacement card.

4) Confirm that your information is correct and choose how you want to receive the code. Then click on the section that says Submit Code.

5) Enter the authorization code you received, and then click Submit.

6) In the drop-down menu that will be presented to you, you must indicate why you need a new credit card. Select the Lost/Stolen section, which will cause the lost card to be blocked. Later, a new card will be mailed to you with a new number, expiration date and different security code.

7) You must then verify the postal address in your account. If correct, click Continue.

8) For your security, Bank of America will ask you to review your recent transactions and choose the ones that you think are suspicious of fraud.

9) Confirm the cardholder details and click Continue.

10) Once you confirm your information and click Place Order, your card will arrive within 7-10 days.

You can also request a replacement for your Bank of America credit card with the Mobile Banking App

A convenient option for those who want to apply for a new Bank of America credit card from their mobile phone is to use the Mobile Banking app. Once you download it, you just have to follow these steps:

1) Sign in to the Mobile Banking app.

2) Tap the account that requires a new credit card.

3) Scroll down and tap the option that says Replace Credit Card.

4) To verify your identity, you will be asked for an authorization code. Check that the information is correct, choose how you want to receive the code and touch the option that says Send code.

5) Enter the authorization code you received and tap the Continue button.

6) Select the Lost/Stolen credit card option, which will cause your current card to be blocked.

7) If the credit card has multiple authorized users, touch the name of the person who needs a credit card.

8) Confirm your information and tap the Submit button. You will receive your new credit card within 7 to 10 days.

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