What is a cover letter to apply for a job and how to do it

What is a cover letter to apply for a job and how to do it

Although cover letters are not as commonly requested as a resume, they can be an excellent tool to publicize your skills around a job.

Looking for a job is not a simple process, it is not as simple as going and saying “I need a job, can you give it to me?”. In most cases, it requires several documents beyond the resume. Some companies may require you to include a cover letter. Do you know how to do it? We will tell you what you must have so that you have a better chance of staying with the position.

Unlike resumes that contain a professional summary about your education, previous work experiences, qualifications and skills, among other personal information, a cover letter complements the information in the CV and elaborates on your skills and experiences related to the job you are applying for. according to Indeed.

According to the job portal, there are four types of cover letters:

1. Application cover letter

An application cover letter is the most common letter when applying for a job. The main objective is to expand in detail your previous professional experiences that you refer to in your resume and how they relate to the requirements of the current job you are applying for.

2. Reference cover letter

A reference cover letter is a complement to the previous one, made by a current employee of the company, who recommends you to apply for the job offer.

3. Letter of interest

A letter of interest, more than a particular job application, is a more general inquiry about the vacancies that a company may have and in which you might be interested in working. In this type of letter, you seek to learn more about a company’s current hiring prospects.

4. Value proposition letter

A value proposition letter focuses on what you can add to a company and what makes you unique. This cover letter style can often answer “tell me about yourself” questions or personal essay prompts on applications.

How to write a cover letter to apply for a job?

As you realize, the content of the different types of cover letters seeks that the applicant can communicate her skills. Practically, they are details that could be exposed in a previous or subsequent job interview, however, it is an excellent tool for those who find oral communication more complicated than written communication.

Be sure to include your name and contact information, such as a cell phone number and email, so the recruiter or hiring manager can easily identify your application and get in touch if they wish.

As with a CV, since personal information is unique, you could have a generic cover letter for any type of employment. It’s important to start with a greeting, which can start with “Dear Hiring Manager” for all of your jobs, or make it a little more personal by adding the contact name of the employer or manager.

In the first few paragraphs, it is recommended that you express your initial interest and name the advertised position you are applying for. You can also include how you found out about the job, such as through LinkedIn or an employee recommendation.

In the body paragraphs, describe how your previous experiences inform your work ethic. You can also showcase your personal skills and provide specific examples to demonstrate your qualifications.

In closing, focus on clarifying why you fit the job offer. Be sure to thank the manager for your time and open the door to hear from the employer about next steps.

Although the use of cover letters is not very common, you should usually do it when the employer requests it, the application asks for an introduction or you have been referred to a position.