If what you want is to enter the sales business but you don’t know where to start, these are the perfect applications to get started

If you are looking to do business and what you want is to sell things, there are currently several applications that can help you promote this service, so that you reach thousands of people who may be interested in buying from you. This is ideal for those people who seek to generate income parallel to their permanent employment, especially in the face of high inflation that has disrupted various sectors of the population.

The applications that we are going to show you below will allow you to reach a significant number of buyers and, in addition, make the buying and selling process quite simple and accessible. So take note!

1.- OfferUp

You can sell new things but also semi-new ones, yes, they must be in good condition. Accepts all kinds of items. It has both its own website and app, and best of all, the service is totally free, so you won’t have to pay anything to sell on its platform.
Now, if you are interested in having your article advertised for about three days, then you will have to pay a fee for it.

The payment is monthly but that ensures that your product will be listed in the first 50 of the same category. Shipping costs are 12.9% of the value of your sale.

2.- Facebook MarketPlace

It is undoubtedly one of the best known for online sales. There are two ways for your products to appear on their listings. One of them is free and allows you to post your article at least four times, and the other is for a fee, which ensures that your product will appear at the top of the listings of the same genre.

3.- Poshmark

This platform is for you to exclusively sell clothing, shoes and items from the most recognized brands in the market. You can also advertise electronics, home decor items, pet supplies, makeup, and more. There is no cost to advertise your products, but it does charge you a fee when you make each sale. This will depend on the price, but it will be maybe up to 20% of the value. You can enter from this link.

4.- Mercari

You can sell a variety of items as long as they are legal. Mercari does not charge you any fee for advertising your products, but it does charge you a percentage of sales each time you make it happen. This is 12.9%.

5.- Decluttr

This platform works differently. Here you do not sell to a specific user or interested party, but you sell directly to Decluttr and then they take care of selling your item to someone else. It is ideal for those who want to sell books, technology and Lego toys.
You can put a label on it so that UPS can take your product to its destination.

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