While the new subscription with advertising is approaching on Netflix, the SVOD platform has just announced the imminent arrival of a new feature to keep a user profile for life, even when changing accounts. A far from trivial proposition.

For years, Netflix has shown very little regard for the fact that millions of its users openly shared their accounts with family members, relatives, and even strangers through platforms dedicated to the subject. But that was all before the SVOD service started losing subscribers massively and saw its revenue plummet, partly because of that..

Since then, account sharing has become very inconvenient for Netflix, which tries to motivate subscription squatters to subscribe to the service themselves. For the moment, the result is mixed, but Netflix seems to be preparing the ground with, potentially, a tightening of its restrictions in the line of sight. This now requires the arrival of a new function.

Transferring your Netflix profile from one account to another is possible

In a press release dated October 17, Netflix announces the arrival of the function “Profile transfer” :

“This feature allows people who use your account to transfer a profile when they sign up for their own subscription, retaining their personalized recommendations, history, roster, saved games, and other settings.”

Netflix seeks to be more or less subtle by evoking situations where you may need to use an account other than the one you are used to : a move, changing relationships, a growing family.

In short, we imagine a roommate who is leaving (farewell to the Netflix account of the apartment), a couple who are separating (you have to think about changing their passwords) or even a family that becomes a little too large for a Netflix Premium account limited to only four screens at the same time.

Of course, none of this is likely to have anything to do with Netflix possibly in the near future blocking different IP addresses from using a subscription to the platform at the same time. Just a guess.

Until then, when you created a new Netflix subscription, you simply lost the profile history. From now on, the SVOD platform offers a new menu in each user profile, allowing the profile in question to be transferred to a new subscription freshly created for the occasion.

This process only takes a few minutes at most.and allows you to find the viewing history, favorite programs and those currently playing on the new Netflix account. This avoids the frustration of starting from scratch.

From there to saying that people who use the account of a loved one to take advantage of the platform’s catalog at a lower cost will jump on it to create, in turn, a paid subscription, there is still a gap that risks d be difficult to cross.

Still, the imminent arrival of a subscription at 5.99 euros per month involving between 4 and 5 minutes of advertising per hour will perhaps motivate some of them to take the plunge. Remember that this new offer will be available in France from November 3.

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