The Batman is doing very well at the box office , considering it just surpassed the $ 500 million mark globally. In the United States, the film earned 258 million, while in the rest of the world it earned 247, two numbers that add up to 505 million dollars.

The Batman is becoming Warner Bros. ‘biggest blockbuster since the Joker, which went with US grosses at $ 335 million, a figure the Dark Knight feature film shouldn’t have a problem surpassing.

Warner Bros. Pictures’ Toby Emmerich said:

We couldn’t be happier to see that people all over the world are going to see The Batman. Matt Reeves has made a great film that carries on this hero’s cultural legacy, creating an original experience. We congratulate Matt, Dylan, Walter, Chantal, Robert, Zoë and all the cast and team.

The next box-office challenges for The Batman will be to surpass the American box office receipts of Wonder Woman, which obtained 412 million dollars in 2017, and even more difficult will be to overcome the 533 million of The Dark Knight.

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