The Cuban actor and comedian, Alexis Valdés, shared with his followers on social networks a surprising news about a musical theme he wrote a while ago.

Alexis announced that the song he titled Happy was recorded by singer Gerardo Rivas, son of Jerry Rivas, the legendary singer of the Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

“The Puerto Rican singer Gerardo Rivas (son of Jerry Rivas, the legendary singer of the Gran Combo de Puerto Rico) has just recorded this song of mine. I hope you like the video as well. It is very “Happy”. Enjoy it !!”, Alexis wrote in his networks.

Cantante Gerardo Rivas graba cancion compuesta por Alexis Valdes

The music video has just been released a few hours ago on the Puerto Rican interpreter’s official YouTube channel.

An audiovisual full of color, dance and the rhythm of salsa. The song has been a success and users on the platform describe it as a “tremendous hit, great and catchy”.

For his part, Alexis continues to unleash his musical inspiration and in recent days together with his wife, actress Claudia Valdés, he has composed a song for baseball player César Prieto, who escaped from the Cuba team just arriving in South Florida, where he would participate in the pre-Olympic baseball tournament.

With his usual humor, Valdés laughs at the situation with a “fu*king song” for the “speed record with multiple obstacles” that the Cienfuegos player starred in when he escaped before entering the hotel.

“As that Prieto escaped, he was not out, he was still. César made a move that not even the umpire saw,” says one of the humorous verses of the song performed by the couple of artists, while Alexis played the guitar.

“Light as lightning, to all insurance he left it on the calluses.”

Regarding the decision of the sports authorities to take the cell phones from the players so that they do not plan their escape, Valdés said that “the cell phones were taken from him without mercy, it seems that he is afraid that they will leave on WhatsApp.”

“César, God bless you, I respect and support you, now you will see that in the Major Leagues there is no queue for chicken,” ends the song by Alexis Valdés, who these days sports a mustache, as he participates in the recording of a television series entirely in English by English producers.

Several of Alexis’s followers have let him know on social networks their impressions of the song published this Sunday:

“Your song and the play of that boy are magnificent, I wish him many triumphs and blessings.” “Very good, the best move of his life, may all good be with him, good luck for that boy.”

“You are an excellent professional and I love that support you have from the charismatic and also professional Claudia.” “How great you are Alexis, what a way to laugh with the song and beautiful the voice of your wife.”

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