Director James Gunn has recently reported that he has started working on a new project about which he has not wanted to give too much information, however he has let it be known that it is a DC Universe series. The film director has had a successful step after his movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which earned him Warner Bros. hired him to join the world of DC Comics.

Since the release of Peacemaker there have been several rumors about Gunn’s future in the company, but the truth is that no one knows exactly what the filmmaker’s plans are. Harley Quinn is one of his favorite characters and he has declared himself a fan of Margot Robbie’s performance (The Wolf Of Wall Street, Me, Tonya, The Scandal), so a show dedicated to her is a possibility, but we are only speculating. Well, it’s a secret project.

Through Twitter (social network where Gunn is active all the time) he revealed the busy day of his January 5th, where in addition to continuing to write his new DC series, he continues working on polishing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, that it is possibly his last project with Marvel Studios, since he is now too busy with his DC universe:

My Day: Wrote 1/3 of an Unannounced DC TV Show; approved 100 visual effects shots, did acting references for Rocket, and provided editing notes for [Guardians of the Galaxy] Vol. 3; and I had two big DC Studios meetings.

Gunn has been one of the most successful superhero filmmakers in recent years. We have his best work in Guardians of the Galaxy, but you also have to remember what an early gem Super was, and The Suicide Squad, even though it was a sequel to one of the worst movies in the DC Cinematic Universe, was very well received by critics and fans. Unfortunately it couldn’t make it big at the box office and was a flop because it was released on HBO Max at the same time as it was in theaters. The spin-off, Peacemaker, was also a smash hit, and a second season is in the works.

In addition to his success as a director and writer, he has now been entrusted with directing DC Studios, the new division of Warner Bros. Discovery tasked with overseeing adaptations of DC Comics for film and television. One of the first moves by Gunn and co-chairman Peter Safran was to cancel several projects, including Wonder Woman 3 and the sequels to Man of Steel and Black Adam. Gunn justified himself through Twitter with these words:

We know we’re not going to make everyone happy every step of the way, but we promise that everything we do will serve the story and serve the DC characters we know they love and have loved all our lives. . As for more answers on the future of the DCU, I’ll sadly have to ask you to respect. We are giving these characters and story the time and attention they deserve and we still have a lot of questions to ask and answers to.

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