Blade is one of the most important adaptations of Marvel, but it is clear that the production has been more problematic than expected. After spending years in limbo, things seemed to be progressing well with the arrival of director Bassam Tariq, Mahershala Ali’s voice cameo in the Eternals post-credits scene (58%), and the confirmation that filming would begin at the end of the year. of this year. Unfortunately, the creator did not find a common vision with Marvel and the protagonist, so he decided to walk away from the project, leaving things on pause again. As expected, the company confirms that Blade is on hold until further notice.

Wesley Snipes did something amazing with Blade (88%) and the rest of the installments. The first film facilitated the existence of Marvel as a producer, which in turn made it possible to establish the foundations of what would later be called UCM, which began with the premiere of Iron Man – The Iron Man (93%). Similarly, the trajectory of Guillermo del Toro benefited from being part of Blade II (59%) and although Blade: Trinity (26%) was a disaster of great proportions, the character remained one of the favorites of the public, regardless of fans or not of comics.

Fans were eagerly awaiting a new adaptation of Blade, and although many wanted Snipes back, the most logical thing to do in these circumstances was to find another actor to carry on the legacy. The task was left to Mahershala Ali, one of the best actors of his generation who won two Oscars for Luz de Luna (98%) and Green Book: A Friendship Without Borders (78%), in addition to demonstrating his great talent in small screen with the third season of True Detective (80%) and Luke Cage (96%), a project that also brought him closer to the world of superheroes.

After many rumors, the announcement was officially made at Comic-Con 2019, but things moved very slowly. In fact, many even forgot that Ali would be Blade until he made a small voice appearance in Eternals. Following this, fans were asking for a real cameo of the character in Werewolf by Night (95%), a Halloween special that featured several supernatural figures that will be very important for the future of Marvel. In the end, the cameo did not happen and, in fact, it was not even planned, something that disappointed the fans in a moment of crisis, because, in theory, the film was supposed to start filming at the end of October, beginning of November.

The departure of Tariq, who also helped write the script, led to many rumors surrounding the production. As was said at the time, the actor was not at all satisfied with the story and the script, which was quite poor and had few action scenes. As soon as the director left, it was confirmed that Beau DeMayo, writer of Moon Knight (87%), The Witcher (67%) and X-Men ’97, would come to write a new proposal, leaving out what was done by Stacy Osei. -Kuffour. With so much rush and so many changes, the inevitable happened and The Hollywood Reporter claims that production in Atlanta was suspended. An anonymous source commented that they all “want to do really well.”

Kevin Feige and his team have already gone to work looking for a new director for Blade and, for now, they are optimistic that they could resume production in early 2023. Of course, a change in the release date is inevitable, The new adaptation was expected to arrive in November of next year. Some believe that all this trouble caused Marvel to decide to make Armor Wars a movie and not a series as planned, thus filling the void with an installment starring Don Cheadle.

At the moment there hasn’t been much talk about Mahershala Ali’s role, but considering he was the one who pushed Kevin Feige to do a Blade reboot, it’s unlikely he’ll jump ship. Fans are already throwing out some names that could well serve to direct the film and most believe that Michael Giacchino is the right man after the success of Werewolf by Night, since it is also a supernatural story that ties in with the world of the hunter of vampires.

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