Jason Momoa could leave the role of Aquaman to be Lobo in the DCU

Jason Momoa could leave the role of Aquaman to be Lobo in the DCU

In late October, audiences were shocked by the news that James Gunn, director of The Suicide Squad (91%) and Peacemaker (86%), and Peter Safran, producer of Aquaman (73%) and Shazam! (88%) would be the new co-presidents of DC Studios (formerly DC Films). Their arrival in this new position gave hope to those fans who want to see the DC Universe (formerly DCEU) restored and on track, so that it finally gets the recognition it deserves.

According to recent reports, the duo is already taking the first steps in their plan to build the DCU from the ground up. This December 7th, an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter brought shocking news for fans of the DC movie universe; Wonder Woman 3 has been canceled, as the script for the installment does not fit with Gunn and Safran ‘s plans, the outlet confirmed.

Said report also strengthened some of the other rumors that had been circulating before Gunn and Safran met with Warner Bros. Discovery executives to discuss their vision for the new DCU. According to THR (via Comic Book ), Jason Momoa ‘s days as Aquaman might be over after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. But keep calm, because Momoa would not leave the DCU forever, but within Gunn and Safran ‘s new plan, the actor would give life to Lobo, the famous and savage alien mercenary from DC Comics. The following was communicated in the report:

Meanwhile, Momoa could emerge as a pivotal figure in the new plans, according to multiple sources. In one scenario, the actor would end his days as undersea hero Arthur Curry with Lost City, due for release on December 25, 2023, which would be the last film released made by the former regime, but it wouldn’t spell the end of the relationship for the former regime. actor with DC, and sources say the actor would star in another movie or franchise. Lobo, the foul-mouthed intergalactic bounty hunter, has been mentioned in connection with Momoa. Whether or not Momoa is playing everyone’s favorite bastard, Lobo, who emerges as a rising character early in the conversation, can point to the types of characters Gunn-Safran’s team may be focusing on. The character is a stranger

Gunn and Safran began their jobs as co-heads of DC Studios earlier this month, and fans are dying to see what the duo has planned for the new DCU. When they were named directors, the newly appointed directors had the following to say in a joint statement (via Comic Book ):

We’re honored to be the keepers of these DC characters we’ve loved since we were kids. We look forward to collaborating with the world’s most talented writers, directors, and actors to create a multi-layered, integrated universe that still allows for individual expression by the artists involved. Our commitment to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn and the rest of DC’s characters is matched only by our commitment to the wonder of human possibility that these characters represent. We are excited to invigorate the theatrical experience around the world as we tell some of the biggest, most beautiful and greatest stories ever told.

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