How to redeem my Spotify Premium Gift Card on my mobile or PC?

Music is one of the most exploited forms of entertainment in the digital world. One of the most popular platforms is Spotify. With this application you can listen to unlimited songs , without ads, if you have a Premium account. One way to pay the monthly service fee is with gift cards. How can you change them from different devices? Keep reading and you will know the answer.

Procedure to redeem my Spotify gift card

If you want to get a premium account, there are 2 alternatives for it, one is to pay for the Spotify service or be lucky enough to acquire a gift card and enjoy its benefits. Therefore, if you were lucky enough to receive a bonus card, now you just have to activate the code so you can enjoy the songs that you like the most. Below we will show you the ways to achieve it.

From the mobile app

If you want to enjoy a gift on this platform, it is essential that you have a Premium account, even if it is a trial account. Otherwise, you will not be able to change the gift you have been given . Now, if you have that type of profile and you use it from a phone, you should keep in mind that it is more difficult to carry out the process. The reason is that in the mobile application it will be more complicated or even impossible to complete.

Although it may seem like a simple procedure, like recovering the list of songs that you accidentally deleted, it is not the same in the case of gift cards. This is because the mobile application is not yet ready to do so natively . However, if you are persistent, patient and have certain skills in handling the mobile software, you can take a risk, keeping in mind that it is not safe at all.

Gift cards for any platform are purchased at many electronics stores and other types of businesses. You can activate them in the next 365 days from the date of purchase. If you let that period of time pass, they will already have expired. Therefore, be diligent when receiving it so that you do not miss the opportunity.

With PC app or website

Before doing so, you must verify that the store where the card was purchased is located in the same country in which you reside. This way you won’t have any problems. If you do not have a Premium account, you must previously request the one-month trial offer with this service on the official website.

Now, you will enter the official site of the platform, where you must log in to your account. Then gently scratch the pin protection on the back of the card. This will expose the code that will give you the credit for your account. Meanwhile, on the screen you can see the section redeem your code.

Place the pin that appears on the card in the box you have on your computer monitor and press the redeem button. In the new window you will be told the number or code you entered and the number of months that your membership will be covered. If everything is in perfect condition, click on the redeem button to confirm the action and you can enjoy the present from that moment.

Why is my Spotify Premium Gift Card not working when registering and how to fix it?

There are several reasons that prevent you from posting a bonus on Spotify. One of them is that these cards are valid only in the individual plans . This means that relatives, Duo, for students are excluded, even sometimes there are problems with the trial periods.

Another situation that can affect is that the system is very sensitive when entering the password. If you make a mistake with a letter or confuse an uppercase with a lowercase, it is not processed. If you cannot read the code, it is best to wait 24 hours and enter the pin again . You can also contact technical support. And ask for help to solve the situation.

On the other hand, if the service has not been activated at the store where the card was purchased, the platform will not be able to process the request. Given this, the person who purchased the product must go to the store with the receipt so that they can enable the bonus. After this, you will be able to redeem it and use the different functions of the application, such as knowing the history of songs you have listened to.

Other than gift cards, how else can I get Spotify Premium?

The most common way to acquire the service is by requesting the trial period. You are generally given 30 days to experience all the features and privileges that come with this version. On some occasions, the platform extends the offer for another month or two. However, once the time is over you will not be able to access another test. You are also not allowed to create a new account with the same IP to request the trial.

However, on mobiles you can use some apps that help you change the phone’s IP number. This allows you to create a new account and request the trial period, although after a short time you will have the same limitations. Another option that many use is to download a Spotify Premium MOD APK file to their Android device. Before doing so, they must enable the computer to accept downloads from unknown sources.

On the other hand, there are applications like King of Prizes, where you can buy at the stores of your choice and you will get a discount. That money you save on purchases will be added to a balance from the web , with which you get Spotify gift cards. This app will also give you other vouchers, which you get to redeem, if you participate in its micro-task. Over time, other alternatives will appear to enjoy the free Premium service.

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