How to get a job in Getir as a delivery man? – Requirements and process

How to get a job in Getir as a delivery man? – Requirements and process

Getir, the Turkish company that promises ultra-fast shopping delivery in 10 minutes, has presented a great reach in several countries such as Spain. We can see motorcycles and bicycles with the Getir logo circulating on the streets of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. So, if you are interested in getting a job as a delivery person, in this article we will explain everything you need to know to get an occupation.

How much can you earn as a Getir delivery man?

If you want to train to work as a delivery person , you should know that the payment to be received as an employee in the company will depend on what type of position you have. The distributors of this company usually earn an average of €10.80 per hour. Being an approximate of 10,000 or 15,000 € per year. In addition, the entity also grants different bonuses to all its workers, as long as they have delivered the orders on time and in a satisfactory manner.

What are the requirements that must be met to work at Getir?

  1. Have a good attitude and be an energetic person.
  2. Eager to acquire new commitments and be willing to meet customer satisfaction.
  3. Be 18 years of age or older.
  4. Have a valid license to drive a car (expires in a period of 3 years) or a 125 cc motorcycle license (possible).
  5. Minimum 6 months experience driving a motorcycle or bicycle.
  6. You must have extensive knowledge of the city and good skill using GPS.
  7. Being a person with these characteristics: friendly, honest, flexible, reliable and with great enthusiasm.

What actions must a Getir dealer perform?

  1. Organize the delivery route based on the type of shipment and location of the address where you will do it.
  2. You have to drive the vehicle to the place of sale of the order that they have executed and then to the address.
  3. Keep in mind that the item you buy is exactly what the customer is asking for.
  4. Once the supply has been made, you will have to make a record of the transaction. Includes: delivery address and time, incidents, among others.
  5. To manage time, use the application provided by the company , keep track of the supply and other orders that are assigned to you.

Customer attitude

You must be a kind, respectful and enthusiastic person with the service given to consumers. Remember that if you are the visible face of the company you must have a good attitude , in this way the clients will give the best score. You may also be interested in how to register your business in ‘Orders Now’, this way you can sell food from the application.

Support to the preparation team

In addition, it usually happens that sometimes depending on the position you hold. You will have to collaborate with the staff in the preparation of orders. You may also have to help with the preparation of the material for daily operations (such as bags or others). These warehouse activities depend on the need of the company.

Safe delivery

Your main mission in this job will be to supply the orders generating trust. You must be aware of and avoid any risk or imminent danger, always prescribing maximum safety precaution. Both those measures of trust granted by the company and the validation policies of the country in general. Remember that Getir’s main interest is the stability and solidity of the team.

Does the vehicle used to distribute have to be your own or does the company grant it?

In being a delivery man in Getir you don’t need to have a genuine car. This is a great advantage compared to the requirements to be an Uber Eats delivery driver, which requires having one. This company gives its workers vehicles with the Getir logo, in order to create more publicity.

They also provide you with the necessary equipment to make the deliveries and recommendations that you must take in said process. We take into account that the objective of this company is to grow rapidly and as a team. That is why they seek to advertise both on the internet and with vehicles.

Where can you see the job offers launched by Getir?

The job offers for a delivery person in the company can be found on the official website of this company. Next, we will explain the steps you must follow to see them easily from your computer or mobile.

  1. Enter the official Getir website. When accessing the web page, it displays several tabs that you can select.
  2. You must click on the section that says ‘Be part of Getir’.
  3. Once you have executed what was explained above, you will be able to see the question ‘Do you want to join the group?’ click yes.
  4. In this section you will be required to fill in the search filters, such as the site of your residence. It is very important that you do it to find work near the area where you live. Remember that Getir is in demand for new employees who are in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom.
  5. Here you can also fill in information about the type of experience you have from other jobs, as well as if you are of legal age.
  6. When you have completely completed the previous steps you will be able to see all the job offers available in Getir.
  7. In your case you have to select the ‘Delivery’ option , continue filling out other forms and thus get the job.

Where should you go to apply to be a Getir delivery man?

If your wish is to apply as a distributor of the company you can do it in a very easy way. You will only have to enter the official website of the company and fill out the form. Although it is also possible to go to any of the offices and request information.

Getir has agencies in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. However, you should take into consideration that most job applications are made online for more convenience.

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