Recently, the famous entertainment platform HBO Max has released new details about the series “Welcome to Derry,” a prequel to the renowned clown story It, being highly anticipated by the public.
Everything seems to indicate that the prequel to Pennywise advances in its production with the approval of Stephen King.
The truth is that horror and suspense are one of the favorite genres of most of the audience.
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That is why HBO Max announced long ago the development of an unprecedented series, a prequel to It, based on the story of Stephen King.
As part of the franchise created with the two successful Warner Bros. movies, the streaming platform will now focus on the origin of these particular characters.
As you may remember, in 1990, Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise was exceptional.

Welcome to Derry

However, in recent years, the classic clown story has been re-adapted for the screen by Andy Muschietti.
In 2017, the Argentine director released It: Part One and resumed the phenomenon in 2019 with It: Part Two.
However, neither the novel nor its screen adaptations sufficiently developed the construction of the main character, so now, they will solve it thanks to a prequel series.
This is how the fiction will be titled Welcome to Derry, referring to the fictional city in Maine, United States, where some of King’s novels and stories.
The author did nothing more than giving his approval to the project that is already underway, and that is, although its producers had shared the news in March of this year, it was not until today that he confirmed that HBO Max gave the green light to the Serie.
Shelley Meals, executive producer of Shadow and Bone and screenwriter, announced the start of the project on the famous social network Twitter.
First day in the Welcome to Derry Writers Room! We float down here.”
In this way, the participation in the series begins to be confirmed, where Andy Muschietti, this time, will occupy the role of executive producer and be accompanied by his sister Bárbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs.
This is how they will try to repeat the team that achieved a collection that exceeded 1,100 million dollars at the box office.
It is important to mention that a while ago, Bárbara Muschietti assured through Instagram:
We have been dreaming about this for a long time. So thank you, Master King, for the novel that transformed us when we were kids, and thanks to you for being the best traveling companion”.
And although everything would indicate that the same members of the 2017 success will be repeated, the truth is that it is still unknown if Bill Skarsgård is part of the HBO Max series or a younger version of Pennywise will be chosen.

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