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Hawkeye – Marvel: Iron Fist Convinced Hailee Steinfeld to Make the Series

Gavião Arqueiro , a series that will bring back Jeremy Renner as the hero and show him training his successor Kate Bishop , continues his recordings in full swing. Hailee Steinfeld’s choiceto play the character pleased many fans, and now it has been revealed who convinced her to accept the role: none other than Finn Jones , the Iron Fist star .

While talking about the Dickinson series , in which he starred alongside Hailee Steinfeld, Digital Spy , Finn Jones shared a conversation he had with the actress, in which he convinced her to accept the role of heroine Kate Bishop:

“While we were working on the series, she was going through the casting process. She asked me, ‘What is it like to work at Marvel?’ and all those kinds of questions. I said, ‘Do it, for sure. Be part of the Marvel world. It is a wonderful thing to say that I have been a part of it. Marvel takes such good care of its actors, it’s a universe so loved by so many people. ‘ Only the experience as an actor of playing a superhero is wonderfully challenging and rewarding. So I said ‘Hailee, do it. Do it or you will regret it. ‘ And now she’s doing it. ”

Finn Jones continued to praise the work of the actress, saying he looks forward to seeing her in Gavião Arqueiro:

“It is wonderful to see that she is now in that world. I think she will be fantastic. I can’t wait to see you in Gavião Arqueiro . I think it’s a wonderful cast and I hope she has her own series and her own film franchise, because she deserves it. She is an incredible actress and a great contributor to the Marvel universe. ”

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Finn Jones and Hailee Steinfeld in Dickinson: Iron Fist star helped convince actress to live Kate Bishop

Who is Kate Bishop?

Kate Bishop  is the youngest daughter of an upper-class Manhattan family. Her father,  Derek Bishop , was a great advertising mogul, and she always had the best and the best, although she never felt happy in her family, who were always very disunited and emotionally distant. Her entry into the heroic world came when she suffered sexual abuse. From then on, she started training in different fighting styles and became a great archer. During the wedding of her older sister,  Susan Bishop , she met members of the  Young Avengers while they tried to save guests from the attack of a group of kidnappers.

While serving alongside the  Young Avengers , young Kate was able to meet with  Clint Barton , who had come back to life after the events of  the M Dynasty . When they met, Kate was afraid to continue to keep the hero’s cloak, but when Clint saw her in action, he himself allowed her to keep the title. Later,  Kate Bishop  started to work more directly with  Hawkeye . The two had missions together – while she also had some missions alongside the  Young Avengers . She became a great ally of  Clint Barton , even saving him from several bizarre situations.

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Kate Bishop is the successor to the skills of Clint Barton, the Hawkeye


Like  Clint Barton ,  Gaviã Arqueira  has no superhuman power, but she has incredible athletic training, which makes her a superhero as useful as her super-powerful colleagues. As might be expected, she has a perfect grip on  archery , and is considered one of Marvel’s best archers  .

In addition, she is also a   complete martial artist , since from a young age, she trained in various fighting styles, such as * jiu jitsu, boxing  and other forms of non-armed combat. Finally, she is also adept  at sword fighting , both in fencing and in complete styles. In short, she is a complete fighter.

Gavião Arqueiro still doesn’t have a release date and will be shown exclusively on Disney +.

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